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Baan Pla Dao School

Ban Pla Dao School is registered as a private school under the Thai Ministry of Education, and provides education at the kindergarten and elementary levels. Baan Pla dao School provides services to students and marginalized families Including local Thai communities near Mae Taeng District. The school's curriculum promotes student learning through the project-based learning approach in both the Thai and English languages.

Promoting and developing skills and learning competencies

with innovative education

that focuses on providing students with sustainable, 21st century skills

About Us

Baan Pla Dao School was established on May 1, 2006 by its licensee, Starfish Country Home School Foundation. 

It accepts make and female students, aged 3-12 years old. The school has two semesters annually, runs classes from Monday to Friday weekly, and follows national and public holidays.

Students are divided into 2 categories: general students (in the ratio of 80%) and students in the community (in the ratio of 20%).

General Student Population (comprising 80% of the total)

  • Students from families with unstable income / living in poverty

  • Children of any ethnicity, race or religion

  • Those from families which have at least two children of studying age

  • Children with no financial sponsor/patron

  • Children living with grandparents, or whose parents are imprisoned, divorced or deceased

  • Those from single parent families

  • Children from communities without a school, or whose homes are far from schools

  • Children who live no more than 30 minutes from Baan Pla Dao School


Students from the Community (comprising 20%)

  • Those who have parents who can support the school and community in various ways

  • Children with parents who can participate in various school activities

  • Those with parents who have a positive attitude towards local schooling

  • Children who are of good behavior. 


Starfish Country Home School Foundation receives financial, managerial and strategic support from Starfish Education, an initiative of the Firetree Trust.



As School Director, I am very happy to to be a part of Baan Pla Dao School. We are committed to provide a quality education for all children at Baan Pla Dao, and for them to be educated equally according to their potential and their desire to be good people, have good judgement and discipline, to be able to live in a society with cultural differences, and to maintain the Thai identity in a sustainable manner. 


Best Wishes,


Mookda Comewinit

Director, Baan Pla Dao School

Latest Updates


The Starfish Story

At dawn, an old man was walking along the beach, where thousands of starfish were stranded and lay dying because of the low tide. The man saw a little boy throwing the starfish back into the sea. Thinking himself wise, the man said,

“Why are you doing that? It won’t make any difference.” The boy bent down, picked up a starfish, threw it back into the sea and said:

"It made a difference to that one."

Contact Us

Baan Pla Dao School

278 M.10 T. Inthakin, A. Mae Taeng

Chiang Mai 50150


Tel: 053-857457


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Starfish Country Home School Foundation does not accept volunteers at this time. 

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